Monday, May 11, 2009

Dumb Little Men say such dumb, and sad things!

While surfing the blogosphere this morning, I followed a link that led me to a blog where the writer seems to have a problem with Republicans. On his home page he listed his favorite blogs that he follows, and he put little comments about them under each name.
The comments were either cute or nasty.
I would like to make you aware of this one.


This is what I found on the Home Page"
A must read for anyone with an IQ above 12. This unfortunatly excludes many Republicans."

What a DUMB and juvenile thing to say'

If he is so smart and HIS IQ is above 12 then how come he doesn't know how to spell "unfortunately" !

To put it bluntly, Dumb Little Men say such dumb, and sad things!


  1. He is like most of them, he gets attacked and clams down for a while. But his saber rattling has gone back up recently.

  2. I've seen him before, he's a moron. Ignore him. He thrives off angering conservatives with his idiotic and not-so-insightful comments.

  3. The righties hate me more since I became kind and gentle. Do you people like anything?

  4. it amazes me how nasty and mean these "enlightened" and "tolerant" people can be.