Saturday, May 2, 2009

Calling A Spade A Spade

Janeane Garofalo insults millions of black conservatives and is apparently a ’secret’ black woman; just ask her. Is there a double standard with the NAACP? When we called them at their Washington D.C office, they didn’t want to hear about it. Just imagine the outrage and the media coverage had Sarah Palin said this about black democrats (at least she would of been more accurate). This is an example of how white liberals control blacks in the democratic party. This tattoo covered, white trash racist, insults black conservatives on MSNBC, and there’s no anger? It doesn’t matter what party you support, she is insulting a majority of blacks period. How is she able to get away with this?

Another example of hypocrisy by liberals. Tattooed skank and wanna-be-intellectual airhead Janeane Garofalo’s racial attack against blacks on Keith Olberman goes under the mainstream media radar. Where’s the outrage from the black community?

According to this trashy liberal actress, blacks who are against high taxes, big government, gay marriage, abortion, illegal immigration, poor public schools and wasteful government spending, makes them ’self-loathing.’ She also said black conservatives ’suffer from Stockholm Syndrome.’ Did you notice the typical liberal snark and fake intellectualism she displays when she defines Stockholm Syndrome, as if she is so much smarter than you are? She really looks like a total idiot and maybe she was just defining it for the other idiot she was talking to, Keith Olberman. Does she even know the real definition of Stockholm Syndrome? It doesn’t even apply to her remarks! Maybe Janeane Garofalo thinks she was a black woman in her prior life, but she just managed to insult millions of real black Americans. What did Janeane really mean?

Janeane Garofalo should have just said what she really meant; ‘look ni*gers, I am a white elitist liberal and if you don’t vote democrat like I do, we guilty white liberals, will no longer use you as victims to promote our liberal agenda, or supply you with government checks and food stamps because you are too stupid to make it in the real world without white trash, tattooed, liberal idiots like me.’

Janeane Garofalo is the typical white, elitist, liberal idiot that we have been warning democrats about on Who is this tattoo covered, insecure, angry, white trash lesbian with the IQ of Bobby Rush, to tell anyone what political party they should belong to?

The real ’self loathing’ blacks might be the black politicians that are ‘assigned’ as city mayors to fetch votes in the black community for the rich white liberals that control the democrat party. Yes, we are talking about people like Howard Dean, Chuck Schumer, Barney Frank, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy, Chris Dodd and the elitist radical, Barack Obama (50% white, 25% Arab and Kenyan). If Janeane is going to open her big mouth, she should make sure she gets it right. Janeane Garofalo just managed to insult some great black Republicans like Martin Luther King, J.C Watts, Kenneth Blackwell, Karl Malone, Condoleezza Rice, Lynn Swann, Francis Rice, Clarence Thomas, Jackie Robinson, Thomas Sowell, Harriet Tubman, Booker T Washington, Sammy Davis Jr, Denzel Washington, Michael Steele and millions of other black conservatives who are far more educated and productive than liberals will ever be. A message to Janeane; Just because you’re an angry lesbian and upset that 70% of blacks are against the gay marriage you seek, doesn’t mean they’re ’self-loathing.’


  1. Um...I'm not sure I quite understand your position on Janeane do you like her or not???


    Thanks for coming by my blog & for the follow, Debra. See you again real soon, I hope!!

  2. True enough. Garofalo is an idiot. Why she gets any airtime anywhere, is beyond me. She attacks people and cowers like a beat dog when she gets her's back.

  3. Oh, & I'm not sure you saw it (if you didn't scroll down @ my blog), but I did a piece on Janeane Garf a few weeks ago. You may be interested to take a peek! :)

  4. Susannah said...

    Um...I'm not sure I quite understand your position on Janeane do you like her or not???

    I hate her. Strong enough?

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